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22 Weeks of Pregnancy


I’m now on the 22nd week of pregnancy! Yay! I’m halfway there and getting bigger each day. My weight is now more than my target weight when I reach 24 weeks but my doctor said that it’s okay. I visited her last Tuesday for my scheduled checkup and show her the result of my congenital anomaly scan. I also asked her if it’s okay that the other twin’s heart rate is lower than the other one and she said it’s okay as long as it’s within the range.

Our target week so that my doctor can do a caesarean section is at least 34 weeks. I hope to be able to reach that week so that there are lesser risks for the twins.


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18 Weeks Pregnancy


I’m on my 18th week of pregnancy today! I’m happy because I’m halfway through my gestation period. I consider it halfway since I’m not expecting to reach 40 weeks, which is considered a full term pregnancy. I’ll be happy to reach 36 weeks of gestation. :)

So, how big are the twins? Approximately, according to parenting websites, the baby is about 5.5 inches long and weights almost 7 ounces. The baby is moving too much with her/his arms and legs stretching from time to time. Myelin, a protective covering is also beginning to form around the baby’s nerves. The genitals are also noticeable if ever I’ll be having an ultrasound.


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Pregnancy – 17 weeks


I’m on my 17th week of pregnancy today! According to resourced I’ve read, the baby now weights 3.5 ounces and around 5 inches long. I can’t week for another two weeks to see my OBGyne and hear the twins’ heartbeat again. I can feel the babies move in my tummy but I’m not sure if both of them are moving or not. Maybe I’m just worrying too much but it can’t be helped.

I’m looking forward to another ultrasound and more tests my doctor would recommend. We’re still praying that my placenta would go up and that my gestation would reach at least 36 weeks.

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Pregnancy: 11 Weeks


I’m now on the 11th week of pregnancy. A week more and I’ll be on my second trimester! I could wait until I feel my babies move inside my tummy! According to BabyCenter, at 11 weeks, the baby is move than one inches long and is now almost fully formed. The baby is also busy moving though the mother couldn’t feel it yet.

I’m excited to feel my babies move inside me! I thinking of getting a doppler so that I can hear their heartbeat whenever I want to. But a fetal doppler is quite expensive, I think.


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9 weeks of pregnancy


I’m now on my 9th week of pregnancy! Yes, I’m counting each week about the progress of my pregnancy and so far, so good. I had another ultrasound today due to other concerns but the result shows that the babies are okay. They are moving now, and have a complete set of body parts, though very small at this stage.

I’m very happy and couldn’t ask for anything more. I just have to eat well for the babies and take the vitamins given by my OB to keep me and them healthy as well. My next visit to the doctor would be on September 14th and couldn’t wait once again for that.

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