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10 Months!


Times fly fast! The twins are now ten months! It’s the same time last year, Christmas, when I could do nothing but lie down while hubby and his parents were in a beach resort and enjoying the sun! I was still pregnant with the twins but now, there are almost standing and soon, they will be walking.

They now have four teeth, can sit on their own, babbles a lot and have stranger anxiety. I can’t wait for them to walk already so that we can bring them with us when we go to the mall. Same time next year, hopefully, we can go to the beach with them. :)

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They are now 8 months


The twins just turned 8 months! They are now starting to get more mobile as they crawl. Sooner or later they will stand up on their own and try to learn how to walk. Things are getting more crazy and chaotic, though I’m not complaining. They are now touching and eating whatever gets in their hands and they are now demanding to watch their favorite nursery rhymes in Youtube.

The problem however, is that their big sister doesn’t want to share her laptop with them most of the time. So, hubby and I are thinking whether to buy them computers as early as now or to wait for a few more months. He wants gaming desktop computers for them while I think a Netbook is much cheaper.


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7 Months


The twins just turned 7 months! They are now eating soft foods but I make sure that they just eat one type each week to be sure that I can track what causes the allergy if ever there is. For the first week, they just ate porridge, no salts and other flavorings. The second week, they ate potato and the week after, they ate sweet potato. This week, they are eating apple. Twin A eats fewer than Twin B but I don’t force her to. As their doctor said, they are premature so give them one month for them to adjust.

Another milestone is that they can now sit with support though other babies can sit on their own at this stage. They can also pick up small objects and can pass it from hand to hand though they can’t hold a Honeywell Barcode Scanner yet because their hands are still too small. About crawling, they have mastered it. I just can’t wait for them to start to stand up on their own or better, walk on their own. Oh well, time flies fast. Later or sooner they will be walking anyway. :)

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Endless Feeding?


I’m exclusively breastfeeding my twins and it felt like I’ve been feeding them the whole time. They would cry for at least an hour. Sometimes they will cry at the same time and sometimes, one will cry every after thirty minutes. Giving them formula isn’t a solution though since I want to give them breast milk as much as I can. It doesn’t matter even if I only have maximum of four hours sleep per day.

It’s frustrating sometimes especially when they cry at the same time. There are easy days though but most days are tough that I want to give up. It’s only my husband who encourages me telling me that I should be happy they want to feed frequently. They are getting heavier and becoming less troll-like in terms of looks. Things will get better and it’s not going to be like this forever.

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Will They Have Allergy Too?


My twins are now three-week-old, but they still look like newborns. My husband and I are happy though because they are gaining weight little by little. They are breastfed so I am cautious to what I eat. The last time I consumed lots of dairy products, they got diaper rashes so I am avoiding it now.

In giving them a bath, hubby said that I should clean their face thoroughly so that they won’t have cradle cap. He said it could be due to not being cleaned properly that triggers allergies. Hubby have allergies to food, as well as Iris, so the twins might have it too. His theory about cleaning the baby properly couldn’t be true but better be safe than sorry. If only there are blood tests to determine about any allergies one might have then it will be easier.


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