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Pregnancy – Constipated?


One of the difficulties during pregnancy is a woman being constipated. I have experienced this myself and it really was hard. Most probably it is due to the vitamins I am taking that’s causing the constipation.

My OBGyne told me to drink prune juice to regulate my bowel movement and to eat lots of fiber rich food. Well, I don’t like prune juice so what I did was to eat watermelon everyday. I also see to it to eat lots of green leafy vegetables to help in my bowel movement. Also, I eat oatmeal everyday as well. So far, while eating lots of fiber, I’m not that constipated anymore.


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Kids with Atopic Dermatitis


My daughter wasn’t blessed with a smooth skin since she was born.  She was just about a month old when she experienced having cradle cap, which is a greasy, yellowish crusts appearing on the scalp and can include a red irritating rash on the face, behind the ears, on the neck and even in the armpits.  She had it on her scalp and face.

Her pedia told us to use oil to rub the skin to remove the cradle cap.  Good thing it was gone when she was three-month old.  But soon after the cradle cap is gone that another skin problem occurred.


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How to Conceive a Boy?


So we have decided to have our second baby.  Since we already have a girl, we want to have a boy next.  We really want to make sure our next baby would be a boy so we are doing a lot of research about it.

Reading the internet really helps a lot since we found a lot of tips and tricks on how to conceive a baby boy.  I want to share some links with you who, like us, are also want a baby boy:


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How to Conceive a Girl?


Many say that it’s easy to conceive a girl than a boy. I think it genes include a big part of whether a girl is easier to conceive. But, there are lots of helpful tips nowadays that will help the couple achieve to make a baby girl.

The most important thing to take note when planning to conceive is to determine the time of ovulation. It is recommended to make love at 2 to 3 days before ovulation to increase chances of conceiving a girl. The reason could be that the X chromosome can live longer than the Y chromosome.


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Breastfeeding: Weaning Abruptly Is Hard


Sometimes, as much as we moms want to breastfeed our baby forever, there will come a time that we need to give up breastfeeding our baby for whatever reason we have. Weaning gradually is ideal but if in case we cannot do that, then be prepared for what will happen in the next few weeks.

My daughter was already two years old when I decided to stop breastfeeding her.  Before she reached two years old, I’ve already told her that she could only feed from me until she reaches two.  Weaning her was a little bit gradual since I started to offer my breast once a day, and that is only during night time.  At first, she cries so I instead told her that I will just carry her until she falls asleep.  I was lucky since my daughter understands easily.


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