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10 Months!


Times fly fast! The twins are now ten months! It’s the same time last year, Christmas, when I could do nothing but lie down while hubby and his parents were in a beach resort and enjoying the sun! I was still pregnant with the twins but now, there are almost standing and soon, they will be walking.

They now have four teeth, can sit on their own, babbles a lot and have stranger anxiety. I can’t wait for them to walk already so that we can bring them with us when we go to the mall. Same time next year, hopefully, we can go to the beach with them. :)

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Turning Three


Iris is turning three next month! She already knows when her birthday is and wants a strawberry shortcake on her special day. Aside from that, she already know a lot of things:

  • counting up to one hundred
  • recites and sings ABC
  • sing nursery rhymes
  • knows shapes and colors
  • likes pretend games
  • can eat on her own
  • is very talkative
  • write the letters and numbers
  • can spell simple words
  • can read simple words
  • likes to play in a slide or commercial playground
  • asks a lot of questions


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