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BabyBond Giveaway


I’m planning to breastfeed my babies again, like what I did for my first daughter. Before I nursed using only a white cloth when I need to or go to a place where no one will see me breastfeeding. I wasn’t able to use even a nursing top since I don’t know where to get one. Good thing now, there’s BabyBond mommies like me can use and it comes with a burp cloth and a pouch. What could even be better is that Melissa of Fabulous Family Reviews & Giveaways along with Baby Bond Nursing will be giving one BabyBond for her subscribers.

There are lots of ways to join so mommies who wants to win a BabyBond, do check out the giveaway site now. :)

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I won a shirt!


I joined blankPixels‘ “Thiry on 30 Blog Contest” and found out that I won a Real Love Shirt! It’s my first time to win in a contest and even if I didn’t win cash, I’m so happy! Thanks to Mhel (the blog owner).

I love reading her main blog as well as other blogs, especially her Pinay Reviewer blog. This blog have lots of contests to join! I think I’ll get addicted to joining contests. :)


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Watch and Kikay Kit Giveaway from Quicker8


I’m joining another contest and this time, it’s from Quicker8. :) This will be her second contest following the success of her first blog contest. Two fossil watches and one Kate Spade kikay kit will be given. I haven’t worn a watch for a long time and winning this would be great. The kikay kit will be good as well. Actually any prize will do since all are nice. :) (more…)

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Uminom Allegro Giveaway


Another Christmas giveaway and this time, it’s for the mommy’s! Want to have an electric breast pump for free? The Lazy Mama is giving away an Uminom Allegro breast pump this Christmas! Check out her site for the review of the said breast pump.

I want to win this breast pump since the breast pump I used before with my first baby, Avent, was already worn out. It was only a manual pump and I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing an electric breast pump after I give birth next year to save time between taking care of my twins and my 2-year-old daughter.


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