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Birthday Coming Up!


I’ll be turning a year older next month! My daughter’s the one excited for it actually because there’s going to be a birthday cake and some ice cream. It’s only during occasions where she can each these sweets since she gets rashes whenever she eats too much food with lots of sugar in it. I want to celebrate and invite my friends and family with custom lapel pins as my giveaways but it’s still not possible. Me and hubby are still adjusting after my delivery so as much as possible, stress should be less. You know, it’s stressful in preparing a party, even if it’s just a simple one. But I promise myself when I turn 35, I’ll be having a party!

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She Turned 3!


Iris is now three years old! It’s her birthday today! It’s fast how time flies that it seemed not long ago where she was still a baby who’s always looking for me. Now, she’s busy with her own activities and is not that clingy to me anymore. Soon enough, she’ll be going to school and have her own set of friends. Should I worry? Actually, I’m wishing her twin sisters are now the same as hers.

Anyway, what Iris wants and wishing for her birthday is a pink cake and an ice cream, nothing more. I did ordered a pink cake for her and will buy ice cream for her too. There’s a spaghetti as well to complete her birthday. It’s just a simple celebration. She’s not asking for anything more except for me to give her a bath again. I wasn’t able to give her a bath since I got pregnant and now that I’ve given birth, I told her I’ll give her a bath on her birthday. Kids have really simple wants, eh? I love you Iris! Happy Birthday! All I am wishing is that for you to be healthy and overcome your asthma and that you will grow a good girl.

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