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Thinking of Working Again


Nope, it’s not me since I am already back at work. It’s my friend who has been a stay-at-home mom for the past seven years. She not totally a stay-at-home mom since she has their family business that she manage but she’s thinking of going back to the corporate world again. Before she managed their family business, she has been working as a Network Engineer at a bank in Makati. She left her job to tend to her kids since her family is based in Pampanga. It was a hard setup for her, seeing her kids only during weekends. Thus, she decided to gave up her job and managed their family business.

It was very reckless of her, click. She learned a life lesson when she was left stranded.

I was able to chat with her and she asked me for a career advice. She wants to use what she has learned during college again and work at an IT company. But she doesn’t want to live her kids again. Bringing her family in Manila is not an option since it will be expensive to rent a house and it’s impractical as well. I told her there are lots of online IT tasks she could do. If she wants to do programming there are sites she can register with to find IT related tasks. In that way, she can still do what she wants while being with her family, like what work at home mommies do nowadays.

Back to Work


It’s been more than a month since I’ve given birth. Even if I’m still having few hours of sleep everyday, I’ve thought of going back to work. My boss asked me if I can work on a project even if it’s a couple of hours per day. I said yes but he said I should get a medical clearance first. I couldn’t get one though because of the many requirements asked by a government where I will get the clearance. I’ve told boss about it and said I can work as long as I don’t stress myself.

I’m happy to be back working but I’m not that productive yet. All my thoughts of looking for a part time job online or having online business degree is put aside for now.


Officially On Leave


I’m now officially on leave! I’ve asked my boss if it’s okay for me to take my two months leave now since my husband doesn’t want me to be stressed at work. Being a programmer really requires lots of work, that sometimes I have to work extended hours just to finish my task, especially if there’s a deadline. My husband said that I should take it easy now and just prepare for our twins’ birth.

My boss said yes and that I should take it easy. He said that he’s looking forward to me coming back to work on April or May because there might be new projects for the company. I said I’ll be glad to work on new projects when I come back. I think I’ll be missing work while waiting for my twins since I’m used to being busy. I wonder if I can apply and be hired for sales jobs for a while that allows me to work from home? I hope my husband will agree so that I could still help earn for our family.

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Cousin On Board


My cousin from my mother side has just finished his studies and is now looking for a job. He’s thinking of working abroad because he would be able to earn fast than working here locally. Since he’s a maritime engineer, the perfect job for him to be a seaman but he could start with being a deck cadet just to get an experience and eventually work as a tanker crew. He won’t need to worry about being injured or falling ill though since he’ll be well compensated for sure. If ever, he can consult a Maritime Lawyer for help regarding injuries and sickness.

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Need to work less hours


Being pregnant with twins is considered a high-risk pregnancy. My doctor told me that when I reach 7 months, she’ll be giving me steroids to fasten the development of the babies’ lungs and that she’ll be referring me to a perinatologist for additional tests. She also told me that twin pregnancies don’t reach the full term of 40 weeks and that if I reach 34 weeks, she’ll be happy.

Doctor also told me to be on bed rest until I reach 36 weeks and not to go out unless I need to go for a checkup. Because of this, my husband told me that I should lessen my work hours. He asked me to ask my boss if I could work at most 6 hours per day. Since even if I am on the bed working, I’m still stressed thinking about work.


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