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Symbolic Rings


Many people like to buy things that symbolizes what they are. I have friends who got college rings right after we graduated. There are also those who have custom made friendship rings to symbolizes their closeness. It’s not limited to that though. There are doctor rings, firefighter rings and even paramedic rings.

It's not really that simple I was even confused at the end.

Would you love to have one if given the chance? What would you like to have? Is it based from your profession too?

Band Needs


Aside from having a set of good musical instruments, it’s also important for a band to have a good sound system. What does a band need for that? Aside from having good speakers and amplifiers, I think they should also have a couple of classic microphones with great sound, even if they will only need it during practice since during shows, the equipment is provided. That way, they get to appreciate and be motivated whenever they practice.

Thus, it’s good to invest in good musical instruments and its accessories.

Good Loudspeaker Management System


It is important in any concert or events to have a good loudspeaker management system. Sound is important to catch and retain people’s attention right? Having a bad sound system will make the people irritated and bored. Thus, if you are planning to hold an event and haven’t have a good sound system, I suggest you to get a dbx driverack from musicians friend. It’s easy to get one from there and it’s hassle free as well.


Personal Assistant


One of my helpers was a former personal assistant of a showbiz celebrity. She worked with her and her family for 5 years before she left and she has been telling us about this celebrity’s family and about her house. Because of her, I found out that this celebrity’s dad is working at a gun company, that he have a gun safe and where the company’s location is. She also told us about this celebrity’s mom and not so many things about her. But she loves being a PA to her.

I am wondering what will she tell her next employer if she leaves us?

Annual Exam


Every company have their annual medical exams. In the company I work for, it’s usually February or March and the annual physical exam is taken at Clinica Manila. The lab tests are urinalysis, blood extraction, drug testing and chest X-ray. The physical exam done are checking of the vital signs, breast exam and abdominal exam. For those 30-years old and above, an ekg is done. The results are then forwarded to the company after a week or so.

Having this kind of exam really helps a person to find out if there are some medical issues that need to be addressed.

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