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On Vacation


Many people are on vacation right now since it’s a long weekend. Some are going out of town, specifically in Bohol, Palawan or Boracay. Some are just a long drive to Baguio, maybe with the family or friends. For sure these people have brought so much things with them. Some have brought swimsuits, lots of clothes and even a car bike rack (for those who are into biking). But for sure, many haven’t forgotten one or more of their gadgets.

Oh well, for us, we’re just here at home. Hopefully next year, we’ll be out of town too!

Outdoor Picnic


Summer is here and what a way to enjoy the weather than doing what both the kids and the parents will enjoy. A sure way the family will enjoy is to have outdoor picnic if you have a big lawn. If you have inflatable pool, now is the time to bring it out once again for the kids to enjoy while you grill some barbecue or burger pull bts by joom. f you don’t have it yet, better check out some weber grills on sale. This grill will surely last long. Maybe you can also invite some relatives or friends along so that it will be more fun. More food, more drinks and more people who’ll enjoy. I’m sure having this kind of picnic is better than going somewhere far where only a few people can go.

Long Weekend Again


It’s another long weekend again! Another time to rest for us here at home, but for some families, it means an out of town trip. We would have wanted that to but the babies are still small so it’s hard for us to go on vacation with them. We can’t leave them too so we’re staying here. If you are going to the beach, to Baguio or wherever, just take any safety measures first. Have your car tuned-up, gas tank full and I think the most important – make sure tires have enough airs. Go to a gasoline station and have Ingersoll rand compressor fill up your tires with air if there aren’t enough. Better yet, get a spare tire.

Have a safe trip if you are going to travel. :)

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Family Destination


We haven’t been out of the country yet, but my husband and I plan to go to Disneyland in Florida when our kids are about 5 yrs old at least. Our eldest daughter is two years old while the twins aren’t due until March. We are planning it now since we have to save for this trip. We want everyone to enjoy as this will be our first out of the country trip if ever.

We want to be prepared in everything including the medical assistance program which is very important for us. We want to be safe when we travel and if ever there are accidents (god forbid!), we would be having all the help we need in a foreign country.

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Enjoyable Boracay Activity


My husband went with his friends to Boracay last year. It’s the first time he and his buddies went on vacation after a decade. They used the voucher we had for a three nights stay at a hotel and they really had fun with their vacation. They just stayed at the beach did some activities like snorkeling, island hopping and swimming in the morning and go bar hopping at night. The most enjoyable activity my husband told me that they did is that they rode an ATV going to Mt. Luho peak to see the view of the island. He just said the one he was able to ride was already a little bit worn out and would need some new ATV Accessories. Anyway, I’m glad that he had fun with his friends. He wants to go back there again for another ATV ride but it’s not possible now since I’m pregnant and he couldn’t leave me.

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