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Snack Ideas


Thinking of the food to pack for our kids is hard. What more if the kid has lots of allergies? That’s my dilemma the past days. I can’t think of alternative as my DK’s snack for school. I only want healthy food for her so even if she’s eating bread with melted cheese everyday, I don’t have a choice. Good thing she’s not picky when it comes to food.

Yes, it is necessary that there is a person who understands, see. We can help you choose.

I’ve been looking in the internet for snack ideas for kids who have allergies but can’t find one that I could give DK. Most of the food are sweet and I can’t let her eat that. Oh well, I think I have to plan weekly snack ideas. Bread with cheese the first week, macaroni the next week and so on. It’s really hard to plan.

Big School


She’s now going to big school. Our initial plan was to enroll her again in a small school. We actually paid for the reservation fee which was non-refundable but we still enrolled her in a big school. I hope she’ll enjoy going to school everyday and will always look forward to her activities there. I also hope she will be independent enough to study her lesson on her own.

Oh well, my baby is growing up fast. :)

Learning For Toddlers


I’ve been letting my toddlers watch educational shows in the morning and in the afternoon. As of now, we only have two DVDs of educational shows. But as they grown up, I think it will double or triple. I’m sure I won’t realize it until there’s no room for their DVDs. Now, I keep the DVDs in a box which includes some movies me and hubby have bought, but by that time, I’ll be needing a dvd rack already.

How about you? how many DVDs do you have for your kids?

Need Their Own Computer


The babies love to watch their sisters play with her laptop. Sometimes, they also use her laptop if she allows them. If not, then no choice but to play with their toys. Thus, hubby and I realized that they now need their own computer so that they can watch videos for kids or just play with it. We aren’t sure if we’ll give them a cheap laptop or any acer desktops, and if only one computer will do. I know though that sooner or later they will need one each. I just wish there will be good computer deals for them.

Checking their weight


Kids love to do what we adults do. My kids are not the exception. One of my habit is to check my weight every afternoon and whenever I put out the weighing scale, they are the first to step on it. They always get excited whenever they see it and they are satisfied after I tell them what their weight is. It’s different though when I bring them to their doctor for a checkup. If they are happy to see the weight scale at home, they cry whenever I put them on a lab scale. It’s always like that. They are now aware of their environment so I can’t do anything about it. Besides, all kids are like that, right?

Anyway, I just find it amusing that they love their weight to be checked at home.

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