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Looking For Swimsuits


I need a swimsuit on December, but as early as now, I’m looking for a nice design to buy. I can’t wear two piece anymore because of my tummy so I’m looking for one piece. I want something like the photo above, in solid color as much as possible. Do you know where I can buy one?

Here you can leave everything that you wanted to buy, click. You can find it here at any time.

Annual Shopping


My husband did his annual shopping last December. I wasn’t able to accompany him since I couldn’t leave the house. He went to a yearly sale and was able to buy lots of men’s clothing for himself and for his dad. He bought ten pants and five shirts in all which will be used for work. He gave some of the clothes to his dad when he arrived here so that papa could use it for office as well.

His dad was so happy about the clothes given to him and hopefully next time, hubby will be able to give him some more when he does shopping for clothes again.

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