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I wasn’t able to check my Facebook for days now because I’m so busy with work. But this morning, before I do anything else, I logged on and browse through my news feed. I was surprised one of my friends haven’t had a child for five years will soon be a mom to be. I was so happy for her because it’s what she has been waiting for. I’m sure she and her husband are so excited about it. She’s still in her first trimester so I hope everything will turn okay and she’ll have a safe pregnancy.

Yes, it will be, everything went well, the bisexual flag. We did everything we could for that.

I asked her if they are hoping for a girl or a boy and she said they hope it’s a boy but gender doesn’t matter. What matters is that the baby is healthy.


Post Pregnancy


It has been three months since I’ve given birth to my twins. I’ve lost almost half of the weight I’ve gained during pregnancy but it still wasn’t enough. I am still wearing hubby’s clothes since I cannot fit yet in my old clothes. Buying new clothes is not an option according to hubby because I won’t be forced to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight if I buy new ones.

I can’t wait to wear my own kaliumkapseln kaufen apotheke clothes but I can’t lose weight drastically because I’m breastfeeding. I have lots of cellulites too which I think wouldn’t be gone unless I undergo cellulite treatment. Oh well, it’s just my frustrations after giving birth. I can’t think about being vein at the moment. What’s important at the moment are my babies.

Challenges During and After Pregnancy


My pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one, like the first time I got pregnant. It was full of sacrifices, not only on my part, but as well as hubby’s and daughters too. I was advised to be on bed rest since three months because I was pregnant with twins. My husband prepared the room so that I can work even in bed. He wakes up at night just to help me pee in the bathroom. My daughter stays by my bed most of the time so that she can be with me. She hasn’t been out of the house too because of me.

I was very thankful for having them as they are so loving and understandable. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, new challenges awaits, like being sleepless to feed the twins, making time to take care of Iris and preparing food for my husband. It’s time to put more time with them again and make for the time I miss while I was in bed. What I experienced has been the hardest for me and my family. But looking back, my husband said that if I get pregnant again next time, it will be easy for me that I can have Cohiba while giving birth, LOL!

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I’ve Given Birth!


The long wait is over! After 35 weeks, I’ve given birth yesterday and was very thankful that me and my twins have no complications. I gave birth before 7am via Caesarian section and noon time, I was already in my room. It was a sacrifice to be on bed rest for six months and on a wheelchair for two months. Why wheelchair? I couldn’t walk properly since my tummy is so low, my doctor told me to use it so that it won’t be hard for me.

My tummy became so low because my doctor said I don’t have much muscles. She said if ever I’ll be getting pregnant again, my tummy should have muscles so I have to exercise. It tried to exercise before but still, there were no muscles. Maybe I have to use muscle stimulators to really strengthen my tummy muscles?

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Blood Donors Found


I’ve posted the other day that I was looking for two blood donors but those who volunteered were rejected. A few hours later, someone knocked at our door telling us he’s willing to donate. He was referred by our unit broker and said his blood type is O positive. He was also able to donate blood three months ago and he has a record at the hospital where I will be giving birth.

After a few minutes, our helper informed me that there’s another volunteer who’s blood type is O positive too. We didn’t waste time because they might not be available the next day. They went to the hospital, got tested and were able to donate blood. Around 450cc of blood for each person were extracted. The card for the proof of donation will be available today. Thanks to those who volunteered.

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