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Reading Machine


I’m not a bookworm. I’m not fond of reading books but I think my DK is. She loves to read a lot and hope that she will grow into a bookworm. I’m thinking of saving up for an ereader so I’m been reading ereader reviews the past days. It’s not for me, but for DK and I’m sure she’ll love it. Maybe it will be my early Christmas gift for her, lol. :)

Flu Vaccine


Flu season is near, it’s time for another shot of flu vaccine, especially that school is about to start. I’ve asked the pedia how much does it costs for a single shot of flu vaccine and she said it’s $40, plus she’s due for MMR and chickenpox booster shot which costs $135. So that’s a total of $175 just for her. Her sisters should also have these vaccines plus other vaccines for this year. Having a kid is really a luxury, right? I am not complaining though since it’s part of having children and I’m thankful I have kids to take care of.

My gift is perfect, just for her, the site. We'll give her more for the holiday.

Feeling Guilty


I find it hard to manage my time between taking care of my twins and Iris. I’ve been neglecting her because my time is consumed by the twins and work so much. I always get mad at her recently and haven’t been doing what I used to do to her when the twins aren’t born yet. Hubby made me realize about it and I feel so guilty I wish I could turn back the time and start over again. He said our eldest looks on me as a model and no matter what he did, he couldn’t make up for me as Iris only wants me, even if I do get mad at her frequently.

I’ll make it up to her and make some time for her. I want us to be best friends even as she grows up, who’s not afraid of telling me everything.



My twins had their first rotavirus shot two weeks ago. After two days, one of them began to have diarrhea. At first, I thought it was just normal but then, the other twin didn’t poop for a whole day. I then decided to bring the twin having diarrhea to the doctor after pooping nine times. Her stool had tested and cultured. Hubby said it was due to rotavirus oral vaccine given and the stool test result said so too. But the stool culture said otherwise.

The first twin continued pooping and I was worried to bits. She pooped more than ten times per day for the past six days. Her doctor wanted her to be admitted to the hospital but hubby and I were worried about the other twin and Iris too. So, we told her we’ll give her Pedialite frequently. So we did it until we were sure she’s ok. It was hard when infants got sick. I was very stressed. I’m thankful she’s ok now.

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No Visitors Please


It’s what my husband wants when the twins were born. He’s a hands on dad and a very strict one, stricter than me. Since they were born premature, he told our immediate families that no visitors are allowed at home for the first six months. Even our parents couldn’t visit them so they haven’t seen the babies’ in person yet. My sister who was very excited, said she already has her new baby gifts and I told her to just send it via express delivery.

To be updated on how the twins are, I just post pictures in Facebook. Now, the twins are almost three months so only three more months and they can go here at home for a visit. I’m excited for them to finally see the twins.

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