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No Games


It’s summer vacation and no school. But we still don’t let our eldest play games everyday. Her schedule is still during weekends. Sometimes I limit it to once a week, especially if she cries a lot. She knows her limit and we’re thankful she doesn’t force us about the issue. She’s contented watching ps3 games being recorded in Youtube and it really keeps her busy for hours. I would sometimes wonder what she’s doing but when I look at her laptop, she’s just watching videos.

This is very strange since I usually do not behave like this, in joom. We need to become more serious.

Her birthday is near so maybe I’ll let her play the whole week, one hour everyday. :)

New Games


My daughter is always looking for new games whenever she gets the chance to play with my cellphone and her iPod touch. She easily gets bored with the games she’s playing, maybe because she can’t solve it or she just really wants to play a new one. Good thing the games for her iPod touch are not that expensive while for my cellphone, it’s free. If she have a portable playstation, she just can’t have new psp games unless we have some extra cash for it. But I am planning to make her work for whatever she is asking next time, like if she wants to have a new toy, she must help cleanup her toys or keep them on her own.

Will it work? I am not sure yet but I will try. :)

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School Items


Iris will be going to school next year, but as early as now, I am thinking what will be the things she will need for school. Aside from notebooks, pencils, crayons, school uniforms and other school supplies, she will be needing a printer and document scanning software too. I have to think what she needs so that we can save money and work for it. It is giving me a headache already, just thinking of the expenses, what more if the twins are also going to school?

I have to tell them they better get good grades so that it will be worth it, lol! Kidding aside, I won’t be pressuring them too much in getting high grades. As long as they are learning something and not getting a passing grade, I am okay with it.

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Johnny Air Cargo


I was hesitant at first to buy online and have it shipped here in the country. I’m worried about the taxes I have to pay. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m glad to find out about Johnny Air Cargo, a shipping forwarding company. After reading some feedbacks regarding the company, I decided to buy a watch, a online TV player and some long hdmi cables to go with it. The prices of the items are cheaper compared when buying here and the taxes I have to pay are minimal too.

Now I can buy items online whenever I need to. I don’t have to worry about paying too much anymore. I just have to control myself of overspending.

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Thinking of What To Do


I am thinking of what I should do for the upcoming week since I don’t have to think of work. I’m on leave until April so I have lots of time to do whatever I want. I’m thinking of blog hopping because I haven’t done it in a while. I love to read other mommy blogs because I learn from them. Aside from that, I might read many movie reviews so that I can watch those with good feedbacks. I love browsing sites and reads whatever topic that interests me. I might also look for lipozene reviews because my brother is asking me about it. He will call me again and see if I found some information about it. I’d better be ready with my research so that I can give him some details.

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