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I’m looking for a good budget application for Android and found an Expense tool which will help me budget properly, I hope. I really need it since my budgeting skills are really worse view. Hubby won’t even lend me some money even if it’s for the household so that I will learn my lesson.

I’m also trying not to use my credit card since this is the main culprit with my money problems.




My driving instructor talked to me about business the last time I had my driving lesson. He offered me a loading business, which is now being offered as a multi-level marketing. He said that the profit is quite high and that one can earn up to $50,000 in a year. I told him I can’t guarantee that I will accept his offer and he told me I could have a business equipment lease or some loan. I said I’ll just try to ask friends and have them as his downline instead.

I can’t take multi-level marketing since I’m not good with sales talk. I’d rather invest my money somewhere else instead of selling something. :)



I have a lot to learn when it comes to budgeting. I always exceeds my budget every time and there hasn’t been a time when I was able to save some. Now that I’m married, I should be able to spend money wisely, right? But still, I couldn’t budget properly. My husband always gets mad at me that I am spending way over our monthly budget, LOL!

All of my salary were spent on the house rent, utility bills, phone bills, groceries and other miscellaneous stuff. Most of the time, I withdraw some more from my husbands account. But, no matter how I make some allotments to meet the budget, the salary I get is still not enough to make ends meet.


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