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Lost Weight


I’m referring to my sister, who lost weight the last time I saw her. She reached 170lbs and she wasn’t even pregnant! (I only reached this weight when I was pregnant by the way). I’m glad she has lost lots of unwanted fats. I’m not sure what method she used to shed off some pounds, whether she’s taking supplements by going to for some suppressant or she’s just starving herself or she started to live healthy. What’s important is she lost weight. I do hope she’ll continue with her weight loss routine for her own good. It was great news for me this time at joom. I would certainly like an even better result.

Reverse Planking


My weight is just enough but my tummy still looks like I’m 5 months pregnant! I really must do something about it so I’ll try the video below…

Have you done your Christmas Shopping?


December is a busy month for most of us since there are lots of things to do such as Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, preparing food, cleaning the house, attending parties and reunions and a lot more. Are you ready for these tasks?

Me, I haven’t done your Christmas shopping and even I wanted to, I can’t. But even before, I used to procrastinate and buy things days before Christmas that most of the time, I missed a lot of things. I always end up buying the most important ones such as gift for my parents and immediate relatives.


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Do you eat a lot?


Women reaching the age of 30 and above gain more weight than they were before, even if the amount of the food they eat is the same. This doesn’t only apply to women, but to men as well. This is due to one’s metabolism becomes slower as they reach thirty.

Does this mean the amount of food one should consume should be lesser than before? Personally I think it’s not necessarily trimming down the food intake, but one must have additional activities as well, to burn those unwanted calories. One must exercise or must at least have one sports to keep them active and healthy. But this doesn’t mean that one should also eat a lot though. One must eat healthy foods, no matter what age they are.


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Still no winner yet


There is no winner yet to the grand lotto 6/55 as of November 15, 2010. Thus the jackpot prize could reach up to 475 million! Isn’t it a great Christmas gift for the luckiest person who will win if ever? The next draw will be on Wednesday and I have asked my dad to place a stake for me.

If ever I will win, I will give some money to each of my sisters, my brother and of course my parents. I would also give some to my daughter’s nanny since she has been loyal and could be trusted to everything.


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