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I did it again, called the guard for some complaints since our neighbor unit are smoking inside their unit instead of down the building. My helper said she saw them holding small cigars and that it looked like there was a party. It’s okay though as long as the smell of the smoke won’t reach our unit, but it did and so I complained.

Everything was settled, I am satisfied with We quickly discussed everything.

Well, it doesn’t happen everyday but I just called the guard since the kids have a cough and if they smell it, they might have asthma.



This is what we have here at home – clutter everywhere! It’s not just because of the kids, but because of me too (I admit!). There are also wires you can see because of the computers. So what do we need to do? Our unit is a bit small so for this holiday break, me and hubby will clean up the house. Maybe will buy zip ties, insulators, containers and other stuff in which we can place those we don’t need anymore.

I hope we can have a clutter free home at the start of the new year.

Newbie Again


It’ been 2 years since I’ve last cooked. That time I was still a beginner and only knows how to cook a few dishes but I was improving. When I got pregnant, I stopped cooking. The helper took over the kitchen and after I’ve given birth, I didn’t have the time to cook. Even when the kids are a bit bigger, I didn’t volunteer to cook. Why? I’m afraid no one will eat the food the I cooked, lol. Now, I want to start cooking again. Actually, I’ve tried but the taste was bland. I’ll try again on weekend and everyone have no choice but to like my cooking, lol.

Well-Lit Home


Our house is small but we make sure the lights are on most of the time. Well we do that because of the babies, except of course, when they are sleeping. There are many roaches here at home and whenever a place in the house don’t have lights, in the kitchen for example, they flock in there, on the table top, utensils, stove, etc. Thus, hubby said we’d better keep the lights on.

I didn’t object to his suggestion because I also like a well-lit house. It is important for me that the house looks bright and not dull or gloomy. Not only does it makes the place look nice but it also lifts up one’s mood. A house that isn’t well-lit makes it look gloomy that me, personally won’t like to stay for so long.


No Sofa


Would you believe we don’t have a sofa at home? We used to have before but we threw it away because of the dust mites. Now, our living room just have mats, and plastic chairs. I’m planning to buy a small bean bag sofa though for the babies to sleep during the afternoon. I’m just not sure if hubby will allow. If not, then maybe a lazy boy? That would be better, I think.

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