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This is the name of my classmates’ band in college. These guys are really good and would always perform whenever the’s a school event. My friend, who’s one of the singer would always ask us to go with them during practice and I would see their instruments are really not that cheap. They are even using a line 6 dt25 guitar center amp, a Fender guitar and Roland piano from what I remember.

It was fun watching them that I wish I was one of them.

Sometimes I just want to get away from everything complicated and forget about graphic hoodies by joom. But this can not always be done.

Playing the Piano


I had my piano lesson when I was 11 eleven years old. I remember the first time my parents had me enrolled at Yamaha School of Music at first, but we don’t have a piano yet. I didn’t know then that my father was planning to buy me one. I was so happy when he bought me one.

Since the school was far from our house, my mother had me enrolled at a music school near our place. That’s when I really begin to learn how to play the piano. I was able to finish the whole course and even joined recitals twice. I was even able to use my skills by joining a choir as a pianist and playing at the weddings.


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