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Homemade Pizza Recipe



It’s my second time to make a dough. The first one was pretzel dough and it didn’t turn out ok. Good thing this homemade pizza I made with a homemade dough was a success. It wasn’t hard to make though it took about three hours before we were able to eat the pizza. First, we must wait for the dough to rise for at least an hour before it can be shaped into a pizza dough. Second, we only have a small oven so we can’t place two pizzas together inside so we have to wait for a few minutes before we can place the second batch.

I made a very delicious pizza, everyone liked it I'll bake again tomorrow.


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Menu Planning


It’s tough planning for food at first. But I got used to it. Who wouldn’t? I only think of not more than ten kinds of viand. No option for chicken, fish, anything friend and seafood, my daily food plan is easy. It’s just beef and pork. It’s easy actually and it just takes getting used to eating the same food every week.

This way, the kids are also used to eating the same food and not that picky. They also don’t eat much sweets. Their oatmeal is without sugar. They eat plain bread. They eat rice with ketchup.




I am craving for one right now! I want!


Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies



Restaurant Business


My former officemate has started her own restaurant business. It’s just a small restaurant somewhere here in Makati. I haven’t been there yet but maybe one of these days, I’ll go make a visit. The restaurant servers Italian dishes so for sure, there’s pizza! I am just wondering where did she get all the equipment and supplies for her business. Maybe I’ll ask her if she knows about for restaurant equipment or she got it locally. I’m also interested though I don’t have the funds right now. Just curious, you know? :)


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