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Summer Classes


My eldest is taking up summer classes. It’s not a ballet class or any dance class. It’s a cooking class and an art class. Well they don’t really cook. They just prepare simple foods that are easy to prepare like pasta, fruit shake, chicken enchilada and fruit kebab. It’s only for a week each and their cooking class ends tomorrow. The parents are invited to go there on their last day to sample the food they have prepared for the past days. Next week is the start of their art class. It will also last five days.

I'd love to be like them too, but I can't anime hoodies from joom anymore. I should have thought of that earlier.

We have to keep her busy because she gets bored at home. At least if she’s busy with different activities, she’s happy and doesn’t cry too much. I wonder what could be her next activity?

Back to School


Every school year, most kids are excited to go to school in the beginning. New clothes, shoes, bags and books are what make them excited. When you go to the mall, there are lots of kids with their mommies buying school stuff. But for those mommies who are too busy and no time to buy, don’t you wish everything can be bought online? Don’t worry though, most items can now be bought even when you are just sitting in front of your computer. You can buy books and kids rolling backpacks online, making your trip to the mall less stressful. In this way, you can have school stuffs delivered at your doorstep and just buy other items at the mall. It also saves time and money, right?

When my daughter goes to school next year, I will definitely take advantage of buying stuffs online.

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Right age for kids to start school


Kids nowadays go to school as an early age of two. But, what is the really right age for them to start going to school? Why do parents send the child as early as age two to school? Is it really for the kid to learn since they don’t have time to teach their kids?

Some parents say so that the kids would learn how to socialize at their early age. It could be true, as my daughter is not that friendly with other kids. It’s just now that she begins to say hi and talk to other kids though she’s not going to school or daycare yet.


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Do schools kill creativity?


Watch the video below of Sir Ken Robinson making a speech about education system that nurtures creativity rather than undermine it. Children do start going to school with much eagerness years after going to school, many lack interest. Does it because their creativity aren’t being used?

Sir Ken Robinson is an author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies. He’s a creativity expert who was knighted for his achievements in creativity, education and the arts. He is a popular speaker at TED conferences.


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