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Birthday Giveaway


I need some moolah (who doesn’t?) so I’m glad I found Onfy out about Digital Catharsis’ Birthday Giveaway. Nelson is giving away a cool $100. So I’m doing everything I can to win this contest. This is a point system and I know I’m not in the lead but there are still lots of time. You too can still join as there are lots of ways to earn points. If you want to know more about the contest, check it out here. Hope I win, teehee.

But the number of participants is very large, so the chances are not so great in joom. But what, it will be fun to wait.

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Eihdra’s First Anniversay Giveaway!


I love bags and got excited when I found out that Mommy Eihdra, the owner of One Proud Momma ans Make Money Online is having her anniversary giveaway with bags as the top prizes. Aside from that, cute girly tops and kikay accessories will be given randomly to join who will join her contest.

There are required and optional tasks to do like blogging about it, commenting, tweeting and more. But to make the most possible number of points, try to do it all. Here’s the contest page for the complete mechanics.


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Thankful For A Lot Of Things


I’m almost at the finish line! Only a few more weeks and I’ll be able to see my babies. It has been a struggle and I’m thankful that it’s only a few weeks and I’ll be able to give birth and move properly again.

I’ve been on bed rest since I was three months pregnant due to some complications. Now, I’m now on my 32nd week of pregnancy and hoping to reach 36 weeks so that the twins will be in full term. I’m thankful that my husband and I are expecting twins and that they are in good condition as of my last checkup.


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BabyBond Giveaway


I’m planning to breastfeed my babies again, like what I did for my first daughter. Before I nursed using only a white cloth when I need to or go to a place where no one will see me breastfeeding. I wasn’t able to use even a nursing top since I don’t know where to get one. Good thing now, there’s BabyBond mommies like me can use and it comes with a burp cloth and a pouch. What could even be better is that Melissa of Fabulous Family Reviews & Giveaways along with Baby Bond Nursing will be giving one BabyBond for her subscribers.

There are lots of ways to join so mommies who wants to win a BabyBond, do check out the giveaway site now. :)

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I won a shirt!


I joined blankPixels‘ “Thiry on 30 Blog Contest” and found out that I won a Real Love Shirt! It’s my first time to win in a contest and even if I didn’t win cash, I’m so happy! Thanks to Mhel (the blog owner).

I love reading her main blog as well as other blogs, especially her Pinay Reviewer blog. This blog have lots of contests to join! I think I’ll get addicted to joining contests. :)


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