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Baptismal Souvenirs


The babies will be baptized on Saturday. The celebration is just a simple lunch with immediately family members and close friends. There are only three sets of godparents as well. We have no souvenirs because the babies got sick and they just got well so I have no time or rather, no energy to prepare for giveaways. I was thinking of a keychain or tumblers to give but hubby won’t agree with me. I told him we could also give cupcakes but he said food shouldn’t be given as souvenirs. It was really hard to think of what to give.

But I took the help of our mutual friend silicon baby from joom. He immediately said that you need to choose.

The event schmerz gel Onfy is two days away so I don’t have time to scout or order the items. So now, I’m thinking that for the godmothers, I’d Send Flowers and for the godfathers, I’d send some wine. I hope the other guests won’t mind if we won’t be able to give them souvenirs.


Long Time No See


My friend went to Singapore three years ago. Last time I saw her was during my wedding. I didn’t get the chance to see her after that since life has been busy. She goes back her frequently but it’s only during weekends and our place is far from her parent’s house. So even if she visits Manila, we weren’t able to see each other. But I do hope to see her this Christmas when she go back. If not, maybe in her sister’s wedding. Oh but wait, I hope I will be give one of the wedding invitations so that I can go, LOL. Her sister, who followed her in Singapore a year after, is getting married to a Singaporean, whom she met at work. I wish my friend will also find the guy she will be with forever.

I miss my friend. I hope I’d get to see her soon so that we can catch up with each other’s lives and she’ll be able to pay her debt to my daughter, who she owes gifts according to her. Just kidding about the debt. I just want to see her again.

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Tying the Knot


My friend and her long-time boyfriend will be tying the knot, finally! After six years of being in a relationship, the two have decided to be get married next year but as early as now, they are preparing for it. Anna loves fairy tale wedding so she told me she’s thinking of William and Kate or Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries as celebrity wedding inspiration. It will surely be a very beautiful wedding for them. I asked my friend if my dear kid could be one of the flower girls because DK loves to wear princess gown and she said my daughter is really included in the entourage.

I’m so happy that Anna is finally getting into the married life. I can’t wait for the grand wedding and I’m sure she is too!

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Birthday Coming Up!


I’ll be turning a year older next month! My daughter’s the one excited for it actually because there’s going to be a birthday cake and some ice cream. It’s only during occasions where she can each these sweets since she gets rashes whenever she eats too much food with lots of sugar in it. I want to celebrate and invite my friends and family with custom lapel pins as my giveaways but it’s still not possible. Me and hubby are still adjusting after my delivery so as much as possible, stress should be less. You know, it’s stressful in preparing a party, even if it’s just a simple one. But I promise myself when I turn 35, I’ll be having a party!

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Happy New Year 2011!

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May the coming year be better than all the years we’ve had. May we be able to do some of the things we’ve always wanted to do and be able to find time to do it. May all the problems we’ve encountered be a reminder for us to be stronger. Let’s all welcome all the challenges that lie ahead of us. Happy New Year!

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