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Turning Two


So they are turning two in a few months. How time flies fast, isn’t it? Before they were still a baby. Now, they are toddlers already! Terrible two squared? Oh no! I’m going to pull my hair, that’s for sure. It’s harder to train them than their elder sister. They are more naughty than her too!

Therefore, the main thing to do is to educate them more. I missed that in her childhood.

Should I wish they’re already three or four years old? I’m wishing for that so that we can go on vacation already. :)


Wanted Yaya ASAP!


We badly need babysitters ASAP! Yes, it’s babysitters since only one house help is left. One babysitter left two weeks ago for some reasons while the other left this week because she got married at the very young age of 20 (she never came back or rather, her boyfriend texted me telling he will not let her come back).

It’s really hard to find a good house help nowadays but we are hoping we’d get at least one soon. That means tomorrow, if possible, LOL! :)



I can say that the twins are naughtier than their sister. I can say that because they have been coloring their bed, the walls, removing the keys of the laptops, turning on their daddy’s computer. The list is endless! Maybe because there are two of them, lol! I just hope they won’t learn how to erase hard drive when they have their own laptops already. If they learn that, it would really make their dad mad.

Oh well, they are toddlers, what can I expect? :)

Nearing Terrible Twos


Hubby just reminded me about terrible twos because of the way the baby acted this morning. Uh oh! It’s not just one, but two toddlers to tame. So it’s double the headache, lol! I told hubby he must prepare himself since he’ll be the one to discipline them. I don’t think I can tame these two kiddos, but let’s see. Anyway, I hope being on that stage won’t take long, or else, I’ll be stressed out to the max.



It was the biggest scare of my life! One of the babies had convulsion last weekend and it was all due to missing on giving meds for a couple of minutes. Me and hubby were in a market after a brisk walking routine when I got a call from the babysitter if what medicine they should give because the fever is high. I told her what to give and after five minutes, I got a call again and when I answered, she’s screaming. After a couple of minutes, I realized it was convulsion and told her to bring the baby to the ER. By the time me and hubby reached the ER, the baby was already conscious and crying.

We were then asked to monitor her fever and to give it on time with or without fever. I’m just glad the baby is ok now.

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