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I did it again, called the guard for some complaints since our neighbor unit are smoking inside their unit instead of down the building. My helper said she saw them holding small cigars and that it looked like there was a party. It’s okay though as long as the smell of the smoke won’t reach our unit, but it did and so I complained.

Everything ended well, I was perfectly understood, the site. We quickly agreed on this.

Well, it doesn’t happen everyday but I just called the guard since the kids have a cough and if they smell it, they might have asthma.

Budget App


I’m looking for a good budget application for Android and found an Expense tool which will help me budget properly, I hope. I really need it since my budgeting skills are really worse. Hubby won’t even lend me some money even if it’s for the household so that I will learn my lesson.

I’m also trying not to use my credit card since this is the main culprit with my money problems.


Symbolic Rings


Many people like to buy things that symbolizes what they are. I have friends who got college rings right after we graduated. There are also those who have custom made friendship rings to symbolizes their closeness. It’s not limited to that though. There are doctor rings, firefighter rings and even paramedic rings.

Would you love to have one if given the chance? What would you like to have? Is it based from your profession too?

Homemade Pizza Recipe



It’s my second time to make a dough. The first one was pretzel dough and it didn’t turn out ok. Good thing this homemade pizza I made with a homemade dough was a success. It wasn’t hard to make though it took about three hours before we were able to eat the pizza. First, we must wait for the dough to rise for at least an hour before it can be shaped into a pizza dough. Second, we only have a small oven so we can’t place two pizzas together inside so we have to wait for a few minutes before we can place the second batch.


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Menu Planning


It’s tough planning for food at first. But I got used to it. Who wouldn’t? I only think of not more than ten kinds of viand. No option for chicken, fish, anything friend and seafood, my daily food plan is easy. It’s just beef and pork. It’s easy actually and it just takes getting used to eating the same food every week.

This way, the kids are also used to eating the same food and not that picky. They also don’t eat much sweets. Their oatmeal is without sugar. They eat plain bread. They eat rice with ketchup.


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