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Newbie Again


It’ been 2 years since I’ve last cooked. That time I was still a beginner and only knows how to cook a few dishes but I was improving. When I got pregnant, I stopped cooking. The helper took over the kitchen and after I’ve given birth, I didn’t have the time to cook. Even when the kids are a bit bigger, I didn’t volunteer to cook. Why? I’m afraid no one will eat the food the I cooked, lol. Now, I want to start cooking again. Actually, I’ve tried but the taste was bland. I’ll try again on weekend and everyone have no choice but to like my cooking, lol.

Let them eat what they are offered, they are visiting, click. However, I still cook very well.

She’s Out


Our helper for more than three years is gone from the house. After much deliberation, we’ve decided we no longer want her services. It was painful and sad goodbye but we think it’s for the better. We parted ways in a good though way and I hope she’ll find another job soon. Now, we’re looking for her replacement and hope we could find one soon as well.

Managing My Own Business


I want to have my own business someday. It doesn’t have to be a big business that needs a commercial insurance. A small grocery store will do. But I won’t stop working in a company even if I have my own business though. I will just have someone be at the store (if that’s what I’m going to put up in the future) and just do some inventory and auditing at the end of the day.

Oh well, it’s just a dream for now. It won’t happen anytime soon. Times are tough and it’s hard to find a good location.

They’re Ok Now


The past two weeks had been stressful. The kids had hand, foot and mouth disease and one was even brought to the ER due to convulsion. All of the adults here are home are just relieved that everything is almost back to normal. Yes, even the yayas are happy that their alagas are now ok. Hubby and I are lucky to have them being concerned with the kids too.

I just hope they won’t get sick anytime soon again. I’ll get old easily if they do, lol!

Musically Inclined


I don’t consider myself musically inclined. I used to play the piano regularly when I was younger but since then, I haven’t played in a professional way. But I am always fascinated with guitars though I find it hard to learn. Maybe if I have an evh wolfgang I will be more inspired to learn how to play one.

Anyway, I do hope one of my daughters will be musically inclined in the future. :)

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