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Our house is small but we make sure the lights are on most of the time. Well we do that because of the babies, except of course, when they are sleeping. There are many roaches here at home and whenever a place in the house don’t have lights, in the kitchen for example, they flock in there, on the table top, utensils, stove, etc. Thus, hubby said we’d better keep the lights on.

I didn’t object to his suggestion because I also like a well-lit house. It is important for me that the house looks bright and not dull or gloomy. Not only does it makes the place look nice but it also lifts up one’s mood. A house that isn’t well-lit makes it look gloomy that me, personally won’t like to stay for so long.

However, our lights are just the normal fluorescent lamps so I asked hubby if we could buy contemporary lighting products for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and even in the bedrooms. I want a chandelier in the living room and the kitchen, a candence light bath for the bathroom, table lamps in the bedroom and an outdoor wall lantern near the door.

Does it looks like I’m addicted to lights now? I am not. Well maybe but I just want a bright place to live.


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