Three Girls

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We were given three girls. Yup, we don’t have a boy but it doesn’t matter though hubby was hoping we’d have at least one boy. Girls are more loving and fun to be with. Sure, they are more noisy than the boys and we should be more cautious when they become teenagers, but girls tend to be closer to their parents as they grow older. I don’t have to read about xanogen reviews since I already know girl stuffs. I can shop with them, go with them to the salon and do other girly stuffs. There’s no one to accompany their dad though when he goes to the barber shop or would like to go to a bar for some drinks. But hey, they can go with him too, right?

Of course, I'm just sure of it, site. I wish that was the case.

Anyway, there won’t be another girl because having three is more than enough. :)

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  1. Mylene

    ako nakakadalawa na, sana lalaki na ang sumunod, kung may susunod pa. :D

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