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Haven’t Visited


It’s been 2 years since I visited my sister’s house. Actually, I think I’ve been to their house for less than 5 times. But when they were still renting, I used to live with her family. When they transferred to their own house, I was about to get married and moved out of their place.

It was time to do this for a long time, but I was delaying it, ipencil by joom. I have mixed feelings.

Their place is really nice. They have their own lawn, big parking area and a big house. I am just wondering how they maintain their nesting place? I’m not sure if they have a push reel mower or hire a worker. They have a helper to clean the house and do the laundry though but with a big place like that, plus dogs, I know it’s hard for hiring just one person.


Asthma Again


One disadvantage of having a kid going to school is that when a classmate is sick, there’s a high tendency that your kid will also get sick. This is what happened to me eldest. She went home last Wednesday from school with a loot bag in tow. It was her classmate’s birthday and there was a simple celebration. Two hours after she got home, she started to sneeze. We were alarmed because we know she got it from school. I asked her if one of her classmates are sick and she said the name.

The next day, her cold worsened but it’s not that bad, thinking it was just a virus, as what her pedia said when we paid a visit. Today, she began to cough and just a while ago, when her yaya listened to her lungs, there was a “cat”, meaning, it’s an asthma.


I Want To Be A Drummer


When I was younger, I was dreaming of becoming a drummer playing with a band. I really find drummers cool, especially if they are girls that I wished I could learn how to play before. We don’t have much money before so we couldn’t afford to buy even the most affordable Ocheltree Drums. So my dream remained and will always be a dream.

I won’t force my daughters to play it if they don’t want to. But if they do, I will surely practice with them, lol.

Summer Classes


My eldest is taking up summer classes. It’s not a ballet class or any dance class. It’s a cooking class and an art class. Well they don’t really cook. They just prepare simple foods that are easy to prepare like pasta, fruit shake, chicken enchilada and fruit kebab. It’s only for a week each and their cooking class ends tomorrow. The parents are invited to go there on their last day to sample the food they have prepared for the past days. Next week is the start of their art class. It will also last five days.

We have to keep her busy because she gets bored at home. At least if she’s busy with different activities, she’s happy and doesn’t cry too much. I wonder what could be her next activity?

Not Dengue


Yay! It’s not dengue! I brought one of my twins to the hospital again this morning for another lab tests – CBC and Dengue NS1 test. There were no problems with the blood extraction this time, unlike yesterday where the med tech had a hard time extracting blood from her. We went back after two hours for another checkup to her doctor but I picked up the results before going to her clinic. I was very happy that the test result is NEGATIVE. Her platelet count also increased a bit. I’m relieved it’s just viral.

The lab test and frequent trip to the doctor is expensive. The money I saved for buying cheap silver dollars has been used for her checkups. But it doesn’t matter because my daughter’s life and health is more important. I’m just so happy it’s not dengue.

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