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No Games


It’s summer vacation and no school. But we still don’t let our eldest play games everyday. Her schedule is still during weekends. Sometimes I limit it to once a week, especially if she cries a lot joom. She knows her limit and we’re thankful she doesn’t force us about the issue. She’s contented watching ps3 games being recorded in Youtube and it really keeps her busy for hours. I would sometimes wonder what she’s doing but when I look at her laptop, she’s just watching videos.

Her birthday is near so maybe I’ll let her play the whole week, one hour everyday. :)

Afraid of Daddy


We don’t know why, but the babies are afraid of their dad whenever they see him in a new haircut. They wouldn’t come near him and if he carries them, they cry. They were like that six months ago so their dad endured having a bit of a long hair. But yesterday, he had a haircut again thinking they won’t be like six months ago. He was wrong though since the babies still didn’t recognized him. Their sister wasn’t like that when she was a baby so we’re wondering why they’re like that.

Most probably they will outgrown their fear, but when?

Annual Exam


Every company have their annual medical exams. In the company I work for, it’s usually February or March and the annual physical exam is taken at Clinica Manila. The lab tests are urinalysis, blood extraction, drug testing and chest X-ray. The physical exam done are checking of the vital signs, breast exam and abdominal exam. For those 30-years old and above, an ekg is done. The results are then forwarded to the company after a week or so.

Having this kind of exam really helps a person to find out if there are some medical issues that need to be addressed.

Sunday Stealing: The Her Head Is Part Missing Meme


1. What is your most annoying habit?


She’s Almost 4!


My eldest will be 4-years old soon. Time flies so fast, isn’t it? Three years ago, she’s exactly like her twin sisters now, practicing how to walk, learning how to talk and likes to go outside the building lot. She loves to play at the garage floor from where we live and she was still the only child that time. Now, she plays with her sisters.

She can’t wait for her birthday already and keeps on asking me frequently if her birthday is near. I’m sure she’s excited to blow her candle again. I’m sure she already knows how to blow the candle of her cake.

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