Toys for the Twins

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Know what? We haven’t bought the twins any toys. They have been using their sister’s toys – Barbies, My Little Ponies, Legos and her plastic fruits. Hubby think any toy will do, even empty coke bottles, the plastic ones. We know the twins will outgrow their toys in the next months so we didn’t bother buying them any. However, we are planning to buy them educational kid games they can share with their sister. That way, all of them will be able to enjoy playing with it.

Maybe, they can also have their own laptop if we have the budget so that they can learn easily, especially the alphabets, words and the like. That’s how their sister learn, by watching kids videos in a laptop. How time flies easily. Soon, they will be going to school like their big sister. Oh well, as many parents say, enjoy now while they are still babies.

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