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My driving instructor talked to me about business the last time I had my driving lesson. He offered me a loading business, which is now being offered as a multi-level marketing. He said that the profit is quite high and that one can earn up to $50,000 in a year. I told him I can’t guarantee that I will accept his offer and he told me I could have a business equipment lease or some loan. I said I’ll just try to ask friends and have them as his downline instead.

But it didn't work out the way I planned, read on. I'm not upset, I still have everything ahead of me.

I can’t take multi-level marketing since I’m not good with sales talk. I’d rather invest my money somewhere else instead of selling something. :)

Saturday 9: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart


1. How did you cope with your biggest heartache?


Catching Up


I need lots of catching up to do with my family, my relatives. You can say I’ve been “alone” for years, since I’ve gotten married. I haven’t gone back to my hometown though I talk to my parents through phone and while on the phone, my mom would tell me lots of things about our relatives. But the news about my cousin being sick, I’ve read it in Facebook. My cousin is asking for prayers for her sister. She’ll be having an operation on the 30th and I hope everything will be well. If only I could visit her, I’ll give her gifts to show sympathy but I know prayer will be better than giving something in kind.




“Is it almost winter?”, that’s the question my eldest always asks me whenever we pass this place going to SM Mall of Asia. I don’t know why but she always asks that. I will tell here there’s no winter here in the country but when we pass that place again, she’ll ask me that question again.

She knows winter because of a movie she had watched. She said she likes winter and wished we can do snowboarding. I told her that someday if we can afford, we’ll go somewhere where we can do that. For now, I told her to just imagine we have a snowboard rack and that we are going snowboarding whenever we pass the place to MOA.

11 Months!


The twins will turn 11 months on the 26th! One month from now and they will be one year old! Me and hubby can’t wait for them to walk on their own so that it won’t be that hard to travel. So what can they do now?

  • They are trying to stand up on their own
  • Talks a lot (mumbles though)
  • They cry when I scold them for something they shouldn’t do
  • They cry when they are afraid
  • They can eat solids
  • They know “where is the light”, “where is the clock”
  • They can say “mama” though I’m not sure if it’s me they are referring too


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