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Gifts I Received


How many gifts did you receive this Christmas? Me? I just received a few, a body wash from The Body Shop, a pillow, and two funny tshirts from my sister. It doesn’t matter though because what’s important is that I get to meet my friends and my family. The kids also didn’t receive my gift because we don’t want them to expect gifts during Christmas as well. Hubby? He got one from me. I gave him a keychain, lolz.

Anyway, what’s important is spending the holidays with my family. It’s more important than getting material gifts. :)

10 Months!


Times fly fast! The twins are now ten months! It’s the same time last year, Christmas, when I could do nothing but lie down while hubby and his parents were in a beach resort and enjoying the sun! I was still pregnant with the twins but now, there are almost standing and soon, they will be walking.

They now have four teeth, can sit on their own, babbles a lot and have stranger anxiety. I can’t wait for them to walk already so that we can bring them with us when we go to the mall. Same time next year, hopefully, we can go to the beach with them. :)

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