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Engagement Ring


Having a diamond ring is what girls dream of. Well, I don’t have it but I almost got one before. Hubby (boyfriend that time) planned to give me one. He was at his hometown for a Christmas vacation when he called me asking me the size of my ring finger because he’s about to buy one for me. He doesn’t want surprises so he told me about his plan. He said it’s better so that I could choose the design that I want and he’ll have it made. I then searched for different engagement ring designers websites to get ideas. I then sent him the photo. But what happened? He couldn’t find a good material and he was about to go back to Manila in the next few days. I then told him not to buy one for me and just save the money instead. So, there goes what happened to my engagement ring.

It was a sad story, I was very sad, click. The ring was very dear to me.



I started to wear eye glasses when I was 10 years old. My grade before was only 1.75 each eye but as years go by, it increased to 3.75. When I started working, my officemates encouraged me to wear contact lenses. They said it’s not much of a hassle to wear it everyday. Getting tired of wearing eye glasses, I tried wearing contact lenses. I’ve been wearing it since then though I still have my eye glasses and I wear it when I am at home. Now, I’m thinking of having a Lasik eye surgery. I have friends who have undergone the surgery and the result was great. The price is quite expensive though and I’m afraid something bad might happen to my eyes.

Hubby said that my eyesight will still degrade and I might still need to wear reading glasses when I reached the age of 50. But still, that’s many years from now, right? I want to enjoy life without wearing any eye glasses or contact lenses. I have to convince hubby that it will be worth it. I wonder what can I say to convince him? :)

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Baby Walker


I’ve been looking for a baby walker that was made of bamboo for the past months. My eldest had it before but it’s not usable anymore. I prefer the one made of bamboo than the one that can be bought from the department store. I think it helps the baby walk properly than the walker with the small wheels. Yes, the bamboo walker doesn’t have wheels. It’s just a simple walker, like an upside-down cone without the pointed edge. I hope you can picture what I am describing, lol.

Anyway, I was so thankful that my sister brought one when she went here last Monday. Now, they stay there so that will learn how stand up on their own. The price of the walker? $3. :)

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I wasn’t able to check my Facebook for days now because I’m so busy with work. But this morning, before I do anything else, I logged on and browse through my news feed. I was surprised one of my friends haven’t had a child for five years will soon be a mom to be. I was so happy for her because it’s what she has been waiting for. I’m sure she and her husband are so excited about it. She’s still in her first trimester so I hope everything will turn okay and she’ll have a safe pregnancy.

I asked her if they are hoping for a girl or a boy and she said they hope it’s a boy but gender doesn’t matter. What matters is that the baby is healthy.


Long Weekend Again


It’s another long weekend again! Another time to rest for us here at home, but for some families, it means an out of town trip. We would have wanted that to but the babies are still small so it’s hard for us to go on vacation with them. We can’t leave them too so we’re staying here. If you are going to the beach, to Baguio or wherever, just take any safety measures first. Have your car tuned-up, gas tank full and I think the most important – make sure tires have enough airs. Go to a gasoline station and have Ingersoll rand compressor fill up your tires with air if there aren’t enough. Better yet, get a spare tire.

Have a safe trip if you are going to travel. :)

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