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Fluoride Varnish


I brought my eldest, DK to her doctor for a wellness checkup last week. Before bringing her, the doctor texted me that she will be giving fluoride varnish to DK if I haven’t brought her to a dentist yet. She told me to have DK eat a lot before going since she won’t be able to eat for an hour once the varnish has been applied. The next morning, while waiting for the doctor, she has been bugging me to buy her food even if she had eaten a lot at home. She has also been asking the secretary, who is in hospital scrubs that day, what time will the doctor arrive. It was unfortunate that the doctor was late that day so the varnish was applied at 10:30am. That means, the next time she could eat was lunch time.

She was in a bad mood that day because she can’t stand the taste of the fluoride. She even had tantrums while we were on our way home. I wonder if she visits a dentist regularly? Maybe she’ll have tantrums every time we go or worse, she might have a phobia.

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