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They are now 8 months


The twins just turned 8 months! They are now starting to get more mobile as they crawl. Sooner or later they will stand up on their own and try to learn how to walk. Things are getting more crazy and chaotic, though I’m not complaining. They are now touching and eating whatever gets in their hands and they are now demanding to watch their favorite nursery rhymes in Youtube.

Yes, technology has jumped very far and now we watch videos every day, the site. We are happy to see that you are also interested in this.

The problem however, is that their big sister doesn’t want to share her laptop with them most of the time. So, hubby and I are thinking whether to buy them computers as early as now or to wait for a few more months. He wants gaming desktop computers for them while I think a Netbook is much cheaper.


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Second Car


Hubby is now considering to buy a new car. He wants a bigger one he can use for office. I want a bigger car too so that we can use it when we are going out of town. However, due to budget constraint, we can’t afford to buy even a second hand car. I told hubby he can just buy a motorbike and Arai Helmets because it’s what we can afford. The car he wants isn’t brand new. It’s a Surf model and I think there’s no brand new for that. He likes it because it’s a macho car.

Well, we can’t afford to get another car yet, but hopefully in the next months or years we can have a new car. So for now, we have to do with one car.

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I got the scare out of my life yesterday! One of the twins got chocked while eating a biscuit. My husband always tells us what to do if ever this happens. I never did want for it to happen but yesterday, it did. The nanny was holding Twin B then after a few minutes, the baby was crying in a choked sound. I instantly got the baby from her and turned the baby upside down. It didn’t work but the nanny tapped the back of the baby twice and the small part of the biscuit came out.

I was so relieved after. Even if I do know what to do, I wasn’t able to do the proper thing because I panicked. I’m so glad Twin B is okay. I don’t even want to give her a biscuit again for now.

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New Games


My daughter is always looking for new games whenever she gets the chance to play with my cellphone and her iPod touch. She easily gets bored with the games she’s playing, maybe because she can’t solve it or she just really wants to play a new one. Good thing the games for her iPod touch are not that expensive while for my cellphone, it’s free. If she have a portable playstation, she just can’t have new psp games unless we have some extra cash for it. But I am planning to make her work for whatever she is asking next time, like if she wants to have a new toy, she must help cleanup her toys or keep them on her own.

Will it work? I am not sure yet but I will try. :)

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School Items


Iris will be going to school next year, but as early as now, I am thinking what will be the things she will need for school. Aside from notebooks, pencils, crayons, school uniforms and other school supplies, she will be needing a printer and document scanning software too. I have to think what she needs so that we can save money and work for it. It is giving me a headache already, just thinking of the expenses, what more if the twins are also going to school?

I have to tell them they better get good grades so that it will be worth it, lol! Kidding aside, I won’t be pressuring them too much in getting high grades. As long as they are learning something and not getting a passing grade, I am okay with it.

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