Long Time No See

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My friend went to Singapore three years ago. Last time I saw her was during my wedding. I didn’t get the chance to see her after that since life has been busy. She goes back her frequently but it’s only during weekends and our place is far from her parent’s house. So even if she visits Manila, we weren’t able to see each other. But I do hope to see her this Christmas when she go back. If not, maybe in her sister’s wedding. Oh but wait, I hope I will be give one of the wedding invitations so that I can go, LOL. Her sister, who followed her in Singapore a year after, is getting married to a Singaporean, whom she met at work. I wish my friend will also find the guy she will be with forever.

I miss my friend. I hope I’d get to see her soon so that we can catch up with each other’s lives and she’ll be able to pay her debt to my daughter, who she owes gifts according to her. Just kidding about the debt. I just want to see her again.

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