7 Months

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The twins just turned 7 months! They are now eating soft foods but I make sure that they just eat one type each week to be sure that I can track what causes the allergy if ever there is. For the first week, they just ate porridge, no salts and other flavorings. The second week, they ate potato and the week after, they ate sweet potato. This week, they are eating apple. Twin A eats fewer than Twin B but I don’t force her to. As their doctor said, they are premature so give them one month for them to adjust.

Another milestone is that they can now sit with support though other babies can sit on their own at this stage. They can also pick up small objects and can pass it from hand to hand though they can’t hold a Honeywell Barcode Scanner yet because their hands are still too small. About crawling, they have mastered it. I just can’t wait for them to start to stand up on their own or better, walk on their own. Oh well, time flies fast. Later or sooner they will be walking anyway. :)

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