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7 Months


The twins just turned 7 months! They are now eating soft foods but I make sure that they just eat one type each week to be sure that I can track what causes the allergy if ever there is. For the first week, they just ate porridge, no salts and other flavorings. The second week, they ate potato and the week after, they ate sweet potato. This week, they are eating apple. Twin A eats fewer than Twin B but I don’t force her to. As their doctor said, they are premature so give them one month for them to adjust.

I was impressed by this, but had to put up with it, the site. I stayed with them to watch them.

Another milestone is that they can now sit with support though other babies can sit on their own at this stage. They can also pick up small objects and can pass it from hand to hand though they can’t hold a Honeywell Barcode Scanner yet because their hands are still too small. About crawling, they have mastered it. I just can’t wait for them to start to stand up on their own or better, walk on their own. Oh well, time flies fast. Later or sooner they will be walking anyway. :)

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Oatmeal Cookie


My daughter’s favorite food from Starbucks is the oatmeal cookie. She always asks me to buy it every time we go to the coffee shop. I eat half of it though since it’s sweet and she can have rashes when she eats too much sweets.

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Long Time No See


My friend went to Singapore three years ago. Last time I saw her was during my wedding. I didn’t get the chance to see her after that since life has been busy. She goes back her frequently but it’s only during weekends and our place is far from her parent’s house. So even if she visits Manila, we weren’t able to see each other. But I do hope to see her this Christmas when she go back. If not, maybe in her sister’s wedding. Oh but wait, I hope I will be give one of the wedding invitations so that I can go, LOL. Her sister, who followed her in Singapore a year after, is getting married to a Singaporean, whom she met at work. I wish my friend will also find the guy she will be with forever.

I miss my friend. I hope I’d get to see her soon so that we can catch up with each other’s lives and she’ll be able to pay her debt to my daughter, who she owes gifts according to her. Just kidding about the debt. I just want to see her again.

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New Car


We don’t have a car before but because of my kids, we thought it became a necessity so we bought one. We haven’t bought accessories yet, even spare mag wheels but hubby is planning to buy one in the next months. It’s not a big car or an SUV. It’s not that expensive too but hubby likes to drive it so much. He said it’s very easy to drive. I am planning to enroll in a driving school as soon as a can leave the kids for at least four hours. In that way, if I know how to drive already, I can go out with my eldest even if hubby doesn’t want to, LOL.

Anyway, because of the car, we can now bring my eldest to the mall every weekend for our exclusive time with her. She’s very happy about it and always excited every weekend. She has something to look forward to and that’s good. :)

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6 Months


The twins are already 6 month-old! We’ve just had spaghetti to celebrate. They are now rolling-over, crawling and eating a little. Twin A doesn’t eat much and is a bit late with some of the milestones, while Twin B is advanced. They are twins but they have different personalities too. The other one is easy to take care of while the other one isn’t. Both the babysitters like the one that is easy to take care of and no one likes the other twin, except the helper.


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