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Household Help


Ate M has been staying with us for more than two years. She’s trusted, being our messenger whenever there’s a need. I remember she was the one who took care of processing my Philhealth benefits when I was pregnant and after I’ve given birth. She just used to be DK’s babysitter but when my mom left, she became our cook as well. She’s been really helpful but sometimes, lazy. Well, I guess like any other human being, we do get lazy, right? But overall, she’s been really helpful. I hope she’ll stay for a long time with us.

But my wishes were not fulfilled, she left almost immediately, the site. Well, I'll have to do everything myself now.

Johnny Air Cargo


I was hesitant at first to buy online and have it shipped here in the country. I’m worried about the taxes I have to pay. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m glad to find out about Johnny Air Cargo, a shipping forwarding company. After reading some feedbacks regarding the company, I decided to buy a watch, a online TV player and some long hdmi cables to go with it. The prices of the items are cheaper compared when buying here and the taxes I have to pay are minimal too.

Now I can buy items online whenever I need to. I don’t have to worry about paying too much anymore. I just have to control myself of overspending.

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Only Toy


This giraffe is my twins’ only toy. Hubby only bought them one since he said there are many things here at home that they can have as toys to stimulate their senses. We give plastic for them to hold and play with (with assistance though to avoid mishaps). Besides DK also have many toys and that’s what we give the twins. :)

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False Alarm


It was Tuesday morning, the helper is cooking when we heard the fire alarm in the building. We went to check the alarm indicator to know which floor caused the alarm to trigger but when we reached it, the alarm went off already. It’s always like that, the alarm being triggered but when checked, it’s a false alarm. It always makes us feel nervous every time but relieved afterwards. We just hope that there won’t come a time that the alarm is real. If ever, we hope there’s a medical air evacuation available to help us in times of needs. We live in a building where we can’t just go out in case of emergency. Knowing there’s a help like this will make us feel at ease.

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I’ve been having a hard time dealing with Iris the past days. She won’t listen to what I’m telling her. She will listen for a while but later on, it is as if I didn’t tell her anything. It’s always like that and I’m getting tired of it. She’s only three years old. What more when she grows up? Hubby said it’s just a phase and I agree. Maybe kids her age are just like that as they want to discover on their own and thinking they are adults already. I just do hope the twins won’t be like their big sister bu I doubt. I might go crazy when the time comes so I have to be ready for it.


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