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Dream Home


We have been renting for four years but no plans of leaving the place we are currently in. Actually we have plans of having our own house five years from now but for now, renting is the most practical. We are still saving to buy our own house but hopefully within the time frame we’ve planned, we’ll be able to transfer to our own place.

So, what’s my dream home? A simple house that’s big enough for us is what I want. A garden with a place where we can have lunch outside the house is what I want hehe! If only we have winter here, I would have want an outdoor firepit too. Anyway, having a dream home is my ultimate dream. We still need to work hard to achieve it, but not impossible. :)

What a Birthday


It was my birthday yesterday. I thought my day will turn out bad since Iris did something which made me and her dad spank her. :( She kicked the yaya’s face unexpectedly and the yaya’s mouth bled a bit. She won’t say sorry since she thought it’s a game and does that usually. No matter what we do, she won’t say sorry. That’s what she is if it’s not her fault. But if she is at fault she will really say sorry.

Good everything turned out well, as we know it’s not entirely her fault and she said sorry afterwards. The celebration continued, not a big one though. It’s a simple one actually. We just buy a cake, noodles and a kilo of roasted pig. No ice cream since Twin A has lactose intolerance.

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