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I’ve been ordering meat for delivery for two years. But it’s just recently did I found out that fruits can be delivered too. I found out about it when a person I’m following in twitter tweeted about this. It’s not just ordinary fruits, but these are organic ones. I got excited because I love fruits and what’s more, if I want the organic fruit basket delivered to another person with greetings, it is possible too and for sure, the one who will receive a basket full of organic fruits will be happy! I would be very happy with such a present, here. But there are people who do not really like these products I feel sorry for them.

I’ve been on a diet for weeks and eating fruits, especially apples, helps me a lot in losing weight. Instead of eating bread and other junk food as snacks, I eat fruit. It’s nice to eat fruits that are freshly picked from the orchard, right? I can’t wait to order apples, pears, oranges and avocado. I’m sure my daughter will be delighted when she see the fruit basket. :)

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  1. Karina

    Hi, I’m interested to find out where you order your organic meat and produce. Thanks and would appreciate your feedback.

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