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Feeling Guilty


I find it hard to manage my time between taking care of my twins and Iris. I’ve been neglecting her because my time is consumed by the twins and work so much. I always get mad at her recently and haven’t been doing what I used to do to her when the twins aren’t born yet. Hubby made me realize about it and I feel so guilty I wish I could turn back the time and start over again. He said our eldest looks on me as a model and no matter what he did, he couldn’t make up for me as Iris only wants me, even if I do get mad at her frequently.

Here such here it is strange, I would have said nothing if she wasn't acting, website. I should have softened my anger.

I’ll make it up to her and make some time for her. I want us to be best friends even as she grows up, who’s not afraid of telling me everything.

Birthday Coming Up!


I’ll be turning a year older next month! My daughter’s the one excited for it actually because there’s going to be a birthday cake and some ice cream. It’s only during occasions where she can each these sweets since she gets rashes whenever she eats too much food with lots of sugar in it. I want to celebrate and invite my friends and family with custom lapel pins as my giveaways but it’s still not possible. Me and hubby are still adjusting after my delivery so as much as possible, stress should be less. You know, it’s stressful in preparing a party, even if it’s just a simple one. But I promise myself when I turn 35, I’ll be having a party!

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King Size Bed Or Not?


Hubby went to SM to check a folding bed for a new helper scheduled to arrive here at home on July. While doing that, he saw that our bed was on sale. He asked the sales agent until when the sale is and the agent said there’s no definite date yet, but on June 30th, there will be a big sale for SM Advantage card holders. He’s thinking of getting a king sized bed for us so that the twins and Irish can sleep with me while he sleeps on the other bed. I told him that I think the king sized bed won’t fit in the room so it would be better to buy a queen sized bed. Also, if we buy a queen sized bed, we can still use the peacock alley bedding that is fitted to this type of bed. Thus, no need to get new bedding.

As of the moment, we’re still undecided on what type of bed we’re going to buy, but I’m excited whatever it is. I’m excited of the idea that I can already co-sleep with the twins and Irish.

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Saturday 9: You May Be Right


1. What is the craziest thing you’ve done in the last Year?


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Lactose Intolerant


I’ve posted weeks ago about the other twin having diarrhea, which lasted for a week. Just three days after, she had another bout of diarrhea. Her pediatrician think it’s lactose intolerant this time. I’m currently breastfeeding her so it’s most probably due to my eating habits. I ate ice cream and other dairy products which surely triggered diarrhea. So now, it’s rice and viand for me with fruits in between. I don’t eat any other food other than that.

I’ve been giving her Erceflora, zinc sulfate and oral hydrating solution up to now that her diarrhea is gone. The expenses are already more than the amount of a wii black and hubby got mad at me because of my eating habits. I regret eating lots of dairy products so for now, I’ll stop eating. It’s tough that I have to control what I eat but it’s for the baby’s benefit so it’s OK.

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