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Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is just a few weeks away and I haven’t thought what gift I’ll be giving hubby. Have you bought your gift to your hubby? Here are some of the things I’m planning to give my better half. It’s gadgets mostly as he’s a techie guy.

But he often says that he does not like useless things, - sheer panties. I'll have to choose my gift carefully.
  • Android phone – He has been thinking of changing his phone he’s been using for six years. He went to a store last week to check if the phone he wants is already available. I hope it will be before Father’s Day.
  • DSLR camera – The one he wants isn’t available yet too as of the moment but if it does, I’ll just say I’ll pay for a third of its price, hehe. It’s so expensive!
  • Desktop computer – He’s planning to setup a new development server her at home.
  • suunto watch – I saw him looking at a website selling watches.
  • iPad – He wants this so that he can browse even on bed, before he sleeps.


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My twins had their first rotavirus shot two weeks ago. After two days, one of them began to have diarrhea. At first, I thought it was just normal but then, the other twin didn’t poop for a whole day. I then decided to bring the twin having diarrhea to the doctor after pooping nine times. Her stool had tested and cultured. Hubby said it was due to rotavirus oral vaccine given and the stool test result said so too. But the stool culture said otherwise.

The first twin continued pooping and I was worried to bits. She pooped more than ten times per day for the past six days. Her doctor wanted her to be admitted to the hospital but hubby and I were worried about the other twin and Iris too. So, we told her we’ll give her Pedialite frequently. So we did it until we were sure she’s ok. It was hard when infants got sick. I was very stressed. I’m thankful she’s ok now.

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Post Pregnancy


It has been three months since I’ve given birth to my twins. I’ve lost almost half of the weight I’ve gained during pregnancy but it still wasn’t enough. I am still wearing hubby’s clothes since I cannot fit yet in my old clothes. Buying new clothes is not an option according to hubby because I won’t be forced to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight if I buy new ones.

I can’t wait to wear my own clothes but I can’t lose weight drastically because I’m breastfeeding. I have lots of cellulites too which I think wouldn’t be gone unless I undergo cellulite treatment. Oh well, it’s just my frustrations after giving birth. I can’t think about being vein at the moment. What’s important at the moment are my babies.

Thinking of Working Again


Nope, it’s not me since I am already back at work. It’s my friend who has been a stay-at-home mom for the past seven years. She not totally a stay-at-home mom since she has their family business that she manage but she’s thinking of going back to the corporate world again. Before she managed their family business, she has been working as a Network Engineer at a bank in Makati. She left her job to tend to her kids since her family is based in Pampanga. It was a hard setup for her, seeing her kids only during weekends. Thus, she decided to gave up her job and managed their family business.

I was able to chat with her and she asked me for a career advice. She wants to use what she has learned during college again and work at an IT company. But she doesn’t want to live her kids again. Bringing her family in Manila is not an option since it will be expensive to rent a house and it’s impractical as well. I told her there are lots of online IT tasks she could do. If she wants to do programming there are sites she can register with to find IT related tasks. In that way, she can still do what she wants while being with her family, like what work at home mommies do nowadays.

Saturday 9: Rain


1. It’s Spring, grilling begins! If you plan a picnic, do you bow out if it rains?


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