Backup Is a Must

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I was browsing through my photos and realized how Iris had grown. She had pictures from the day she was born, when our camera was still a point and shoot one up to now that she’s a toddler. Hubby and I really made sure everything is being documented through photos which are stored in his computer’s hard drive. Same goes with the twins, we want to have memories how they grow.

But since there are thousands of pictures, it’s too expensive to have them printed so for now, they have to remain in a hard drive. What I worry is that if the drive crashes. It would be a disaster. To prevent it, we’re planning to get a data backup so that the photos and other files won’t be lost even if the hard drive crashes.

I’m sure the kids will laugh at their own photos when they see it in the future.

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  1. Badet

    My husband burns the photos in a CD as a back-up. True, it’s really expensive to have them all printed.

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