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Turning Three


Iris is turning three next month! She already knows when her birthday is and wants a strawberry shortcake on her special day. Aside from that, she already know a lot of things:

Please note, today we would like to show you our history, wltoys. Watch our stories and discuss them.
  • counting up to one hundred
  • recites and sings ABC
  • sing nursery rhymes
  • knows shapes and colors
  • likes pretend games
  • can eat on her own
  • is very talkative
  • write the letters and numbers
  • can spell simple words
  • can read simple words
  • likes to play in a slide or commercial playground
  • asks a lot of questions


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Thursday Thunks : Locking the Dead In


1. Would you try a dog food flavored jelly bean? What about skunk spray or vomit flavored?


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Wants Sleep


With a newborn in the house, it’s hard for the parents, especially the mother, to have a regular eight hours of sleep. I can sleep before for eight hours straight. But now, having two hours of sleep straight is already a luxury. I have to wake up every other hour to feed the twins and change their nappies if needed.

This will go on until the babies can sleep for several hours without feeding. Maybe, that will be when they are about two months old. Good thing I’m already in my thirties and having zits is not an issue anymore, unlike when I was still in my early twenties, where lack of sleep causes pimples to come out. Otherwise, I will need treatment for acne like tretinoin and other pimple remedies.


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Favorite Snack


My new favorite snack, Quaker Oats cookie. There are six flavors available but I prefer Raisins and Apple and Cinnamon flavor. I always see to it that I have a stock at home and whenever I get hungry at night, I eat some. :)

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