Grocery Shopping

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I used to do our weekly grocery but since I got pregnant, it is our helper Marilyn who’s doing it for me. She’s the one who almost do everything around the house and I’m very thankful to have her. Anyway, she go the grocery twice a week. She usually buys meat and vegetables during Saturdays then rice and other household items during Wednesdays.

Other people also ask Marilyn if she could buy for them, including our unit broker. She always asks her if she can buy items such as vegetables and milk. She weighs more than two hundred pounds and she’s on a diet based on what she’s asking Marilyn to buy. Marilyn doesn’t complain because the items are easy to find and she’s familiar with it. I’m not sure if she will still buy it if our unit broker will ask her to buy adapexin. Maybe she will if it is written in a paper. Marilyn loves buying stuff and doesn’t complain. We just make sure it is written in a paper so that she won’t forget the items that need to be bought.

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