Cannot Go to School on Summer

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My husband and I are planning to enroll Iris this coming summer for a workshop at a pre-school we preferred. But because I’m giving birth, we have to postpone it again. Classes are supposed to start on April but enrollment must be done by February 27, 2011. Hubby said it would be better if we postpone enrolling her because we will be busy with the twins by that time. It would have been a good chance for Iris to mingle with other kids and play with them because she’s been confined inside the house with me ever since I got pregnant. :(

Well, most probably by next summer she can attend the workshop. She’s busy learning here at home with her dad as her teacher. They color, write and read so she’s not that bored. I just want her to feel how it is going to school but no one will be able to send and pick her up. Anyway, she’s only turning three so it’s still early for her to go to school.

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