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Monday, Monday on Saturday Nine Questions


1. How does your day usually go on Monday?


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I’ve Given Birth!


The long wait is over! After 35 weeks, I’ve given birth yesterday and was very thankful that me and my twins have no complications. I gave birth before 7am via Caesarian section and noon time, I was already in my room. It was a sacrifice to be on bed rest for six months and on a wheelchair for two months. Why wheelchair? I couldn’t walk properly since my tummy is so low, my doctor told me to use it so that it won’t be hard for me.

My tummy became so low because my doctor said I don’t have much muscles. She said if ever I’ll be getting pregnant again, my tummy should have muscles so I have to exercise. It tried to exercise before but still, there were no muscles. Maybe I have to use muscle stimulators to really strengthen my tummy muscles?

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