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Cannot Eat Sweets


Who doesn’t want sweets? My favorite is chocolate ice cream and I can eat a pint in one seating while watching my favorite TV show. My daughter loves it too and hubby eats some, but not to much because he’ll be having allergic rhinitis if he ate too much. We never thought my daughter will be like him when eat comes to eating sweets. We gave her half a glass of ice cream since she asked for it. It’s a reward because she already knows how to write numbers from 1 to 19.

A few hours after, she’s beginning to scratch her legs and other parts of her body. Hubby thought it’s because of the ice cream. He then said that my daughter couldn’t eat ice cream for a while again because of that. Good thing it wasn’t like when she became had rashers due to eating chicken where she had to be rushed to the hospital. Maybe when she’s older she will outgrow her allergies.

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No More Help From Mom


My mom has stayed with us for almost three years to help me take care of my daughter. She has been really helpful to us especially with the cooking and taking care of my daughter whenever I need to go to the office. She only goes home during weekend and this has been our routine the past years.

Last week, her sister died because of cancer and she went home to take care of funeral planning and other stuff needed. She didn’t come back this week and so my husband has to do all the cooking. Hubby likes the idea of being on our own and decided that we should let my mom stay with my dad. I called my mom this morning about it and even if she told me it’s okay, she feels bad because she loves my daughter very much and she will really miss taking care of her.


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