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Challenges During and After Pregnancy


My pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one, like the first time I got pregnant. It was full of sacrifices, not only on my part, but as well as hubby’s and daughters too. I was advised to be on bed rest since three months because I was pregnant with twins. My husband prepared the room so that I can work even in bed. He wakes up at night just to help me pee in the bathroom. My daughter stays by my bed most of the time so that she can be with me. She hasn’t been out of the house too because of me.

But this is not an example of good parenting, the site. I missed a lot when I was growing up with her.

I was very thankful for having them as they are so loving and understandable. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, new challenges awaits, like being sleepless to feed the twins, making time to take care of Iris and preparing food for my husband. It’s time to put more time with them again and make for the time I miss while I was in bed. What I experienced has been the hardest for me and my family. But looking back, my husband said that if I get pregnant again next time, it will be easy for me that I can have Cohiba while giving birth, LOL!

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Start of Sleepless Nights


Yesterday was the start of being sleepless or getting less sleep for a couple of months for me who has just given birth. Like any other moms, My sleep was at most three hours because I have to breastfeed my newborns every three hours. It was hard but it’s all worth it as long as it’s for my babies.

I want them to gain weight since they have a low birth weight. :( They are also being tested for blood sugar every six hours since theirs are not stable, falling below the normal range. I hope it would get stable before we go home. I already want to go home tomorrow but will have to wait for the pediatrician’s advice regarding my twins’ health.

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Needs a Health Plan Now


I have three kids now, the twins aren’t okay yet but hopefully, they will be. Our family is getting bigger so we must have at least a medicare supplement plans for the kids. Having a health plan is important since I’ve experienced it with Iris. We brought her to the emergency room for three times last year and we’ve realized that having a health plan will save from unexpected resources.

My husband and I already have health cards from the company we work for. I’m trying to enroll Iris and might have to enroll the twins too. I hope they do get approved.

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Monday, Monday on Saturday Nine Questions


1. How does your day usually go on Monday?


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I’ve Given Birth!


The long wait is over! After 35 weeks, I’ve given birth yesterday and was very thankful that me and my twins have no complications. I gave birth before 7am via Caesarian section and noon time, I was already in my room. It was a sacrifice to be on bed rest for six months and on a wheelchair for two months. Why wheelchair? I couldn’t walk properly since my tummy is so low, my doctor told me to use it so that it won’t be hard for me.

My tummy became so low because my doctor said I don’t have much muscles. She said if ever I’ll be getting pregnant again, my tummy should have muscles so I have to exercise. It tried to exercise before but still, there were no muscles. Maybe I have to use muscle stimulators to really strengthen my tummy muscles?

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